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Online Team Building

Remote working has significantly increased in the workplace due to technology changes, lifestyle changes, and more. But remote working comes with some hindrances. Surveys show issues in effective collaboration, communication, and loneliness. Since it is not always possible for team members to meet to participate in team-building activities or training workshops we have developed several online team building and training programs. Online or virtual team building consists of interactive team challenges while the team members work from home or distant office.

Online Team Building

While many providers use their conventional team building activities on an online platform, we see the need for specialized, tailor-made programs that run via our app and online to make sure all team building aspects (leadership, communication, strategy, decision making, planning, teamwork) are utilized.

Working in the team building industry for 20 years and running digital real-time team building programs for 7 years for world-leading companies, we guarantee fun, quality activities for remote working participants, with clear and smooth running of the activity and effective debriefing.


  • Remote/virtual team building and training programs from any location
  • Connects remote working participants with their teams in a fun engaging way
  • Participants are directly connected and updated about their input
  • Post-event team statistic and debrief available
  • Interactive and engaging knowledge transfer
  • Smooth operation due to digitalization

“Team building and fun combined in a modern program. Great event run by the tabtourasia staff!!!”

Online team building, virtual team development and remote networking activities.

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Online Remote Global

Take your team around the world digitally in a 90 minute race against your competing teams

Online Team Revival

On-going online team development workshops to create high-performance teams

Online Game Show

A fast-paced virtual team quiz and puzzler with over 10 engaging categories

Online Ice Breaking and Networking

Online Ice Breakers & Networking encourages a postive mindset in order to connect and create understanding between each other.

Online Investigator

As a team, find clues and solve crime cases in the digital world

Online Aurora

Players take on the role of investigators and try to stop a gang of criminals.

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