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Plus+ Retention

Tools to effect knowledge transfer & retention during conferences, or in-house training events, using new digital technologies to create interaction between speakers and/or teachers and participants.

Plus+ Retention

Stop running uninspiring multi-speaker seminars or conferences. Make conferences fun and interesting by integrating quizzes, games and other activities designed to stimulate interaction and enjoyment. With our tablet-based programs, speakers get real time feedback from conference delegates, which can be used to assess their message delivery effectiveness and make improvements when needed. The increased effectiveness of your conferences and training sessions will put you ahead of the rest.


  • Generates lively interaction during conferences, seminars, or meetings
  • Content will be better transferred and understood
  • Helps delegates engage with the main subjects while having fun
  • Optional icebreaker activities loosen up the atmosphere
  • Review how much of the speaker’s content reached the audience
  • The analysis helps to improve further conferences
  • Increases networking between delegates
  • Follow up feedback for speakers
“Everyone was commenting on what a great time they had and how it helped them stay more engaged with the main subjects.”

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Onboarding Plus+

Gamify your onboarding processes with our tablet-based fully customizable programs.

Conference Plus+

Achieve team participation between conference talks to create discussion, voting, knowledge transfer and retention.

Buzzer Plus+

Get participation buzz during or between your talks to create discussion, voting, or feedback on knowledge transfer.

MICE Plus+

Time based puzzles and physical challenges keep teams in continual communication and brainstorming mode.

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