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Affairs Team Building

Brain-teasing and performance based team building, where teams compete in events that require general knowledge, problem solving, and strategic planning.

Affairs Team Building

Teams work together to solve problems before the other teams. Team members must interact effectively to answer riddles, solve puzzles and mysteries. General knowledge, intellectual understanding, brain storming and systematic thinking will all be required to find solutions. The team with the right strategy, smart planning and full involvement from all team members usually are the most successful in these demanding competitions.


  • Opportunities for all members to bring their minds to the table
  • Bonding and developing comradeship between participants
  • Live scoring makes the game more competitive and exciting
  • No minimum participants, and can handle up to 1,000 per event
  • Includes multiple types of thinking tasks
  • Tablet based, with results and statistics presentation
“I was amazed to learn how different minds can contribute to problem solving. Lots of fun!”

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Investigation Affair

Teams race against each other to find clues, discover evidence and solve cases to earn their detective certificates.

Performance Affair

Time based puzzles and physical challenges keep teams in continual communication and brainstorming mode.

Quizzical Affair

A real time quiz show style team event for informal problem solving, general knowledge, and company information transfer.

Pirates Affair

Pirate themed quizzes, codes and puzzles mixed with pirate themed fun activies.

Escape Affair

Race against time to solve puzzles and various team building tasks to escape the island.

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