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Team Building Challenges

Creative hands-on project-based team building activities with a general focus on planning, communicating, technical and creative skills of all team members, while providing much fun and laughter.

Team Building Challenges

Our Team Building Challenges series brings team work and communication skills to the fore, while having a blast. These creative hands-on and project based activities test planning, technical and creative skills. Talk with us to fully customize your team building event and incorporate corporate objectives and targets. Challenge subjects can include, cost control, marketing, logistics, sales, sustainability, quality control, human resources, company values, and many more.


  • Teams learn communicating, budgeting, planning and performing in a fun hands-on time control environment
  • Highly customizable for company values or expected outcomes
  • Encourages patience and practice levels, leadership and communication skills
  • Increases the team motivation through successfully achieving targets
  • Highly hands-on and creative, encouraging interaction with all participants
  • Organic participant discussion
“Great event – well organized with an emphasis on fun as well as on safety. Our teams had a terrific time and are stil talking about it now.”

Download Team Building Challenges Brochures Below

Culinary Challenge

Guided with your tablet, source local products from markets to later create regional dishes like top chefs.

Olympic Challenge

Competitive pseudo sports with much jesting, cheering, and winners.

Bridges Challenge

Build bridges with restrictions in interaction to improve communication toward achieving tasks.

Reaction Challenge

Create crazy-fun contraptions using random items to link a chain-like event between teams for the showdown.

Slingshot Challenge

Complete fun tasks for money to purchase materials to build a giant slingshot to compete against the other teams in distance.

Smoothie Challenge

Plan, design, and make a delicious smoothie, to present ideas successfully while taking into account company targets.

Relax Challenge

From a detailed list of the most relaxing places to be and things to do in the city, plan with your team the most relaxing day possible.

Fashion Challenge

Teams compete to create an original outfit from recycled materials to strut on the catwalk.

Raft Craft Challenge

Design and build a raft that supports the whole team using materials supplied to later race against the other teams.

Survivor Challenge

Learn survival techniques without modern tools and equipment.

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